Forever War

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Forever War is an open-source first person shooter featuring fully destructible environments.

This is possible because the world geometry is generated from voxels using the "Marching cubes" algorithm. A modified version of the PolyVox technology is used to accomplish this task. The two primary additions to it are the support of smooth geometry and paging (reloading of world data when the player has moved too far).

Currently, Forever War is in pre-alpha stage. A tech demo is available which shows the voxel technology and the gameplay basics: battles against the first enemy type.

The next step will be the alpha release, which will contain all basic gameplay elements and allow you to try the first game mode, called the "NetHack mode".

Look at the screenshots to get an impression of the project.


For bug reports, suggestions, death threats, etc. you can use the forum.

Interested in the project? We are looking for additional developers, so if you want to contribute, contact us there.

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